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Something brought you here today.  Something you’re seeking.  Some solution, some perspective to some predicament or other.  You’re here in hopes of finding a safe place to tell your story, to be heard, to be seen as the person you are.  This you know. Just as you know, you don't want to be yet another patient midst a legion of others to be sized up within the first fifteen minutes made complete with a diagnosis and a pocket full of medications.  You no longer wish to remain otherwise nameless and alienated. Surely, that isn't what brought you here.  You’re seeking to be understood and what your suffering has been like for you.   

You have gotten this far because you’ve suffered enough.  Throughout your life, you have stored strings of memories, the more prominent moments and events, and have entwined the spools you’ve become convinced define who you are.  Yet you’re not fond of the tapestry you’ve weaved. Many of you continue to experience circumstances that leave you feeling deeply conflicted.  Perhaps you have had losses and have spent years trying to piece your life back together.  Some of you may struggle with bouts of depression or anxiety that feels like some wretched beast that’s forced its way into your life, moved in unannounced, and set up shop. 

As a psychiatrist, my task is listening to you tell your story while gathering meaningful moments and experiences to create a new narrative you can embrace and accept as your own.  It’s time to lessen your suffering.


About Me…

I was born…wait, that’s a little too predictable.  Most everyone starts out from the beginning when asked to tell about themselves either where they were geographically when coming into being or when recalling their first memories.  Suffice it to say, I was born and raised in upstate New York.  I grew up with some sisters and brothers along with a set of parents. I know, it’s not sounding very interesting so far.  But here’s something I don’t mind sharing: early in my life and into my early 20’s, I stuttered.  For instance, speaking in class was not an option I accepted voluntarily.  When the teacher called on me in class, I never willingly went along. Rather, I went along kicking and screaming.  Well, not quite like that though felt pretty uncomfortable in my head.  Pure terror.  And presentations like giving a book report in front of the class?  The experience of fainting doesn’t quite paint the picture I’m trying to brush here.  As I said, pure terror. 

I attended the University of Pittsburgh where I double-majored in Neuroscience and Philosophy during a time in my life where I intended on becoming a philosopher which didn’t last.  Plans changed after having experienced an epiphany.

I entered medical school in 1985 at the University of TX Health Sciences Center, San Antonio where I received my medical degree. As the consistent and passionate threads in my life  had been my fascination with the mind and brain, I knew early on I would specialize in Psychiatry which was the most natural fit for me.  I’d finally landed! From San Antonio, I made my way to Baltimore, Maryland where I finished an adult psychiatric residency at Johns Hopkins in 1993.  

Since that time, I have worked in hospitals on inpatient units and outpatient clinics, in private practice, in nursing homes, and, even, in a state prison.  Later in my career, I gave in to a passion I hadn’t pursued: teaching academic psychiatry which landed me in Michigan where I was hired by Western Michigan University to serve in the psychiatry department as a resident teacher and supervisor as well as the clerkship director for the medical school. 

Though my time in academia was fulfilling and life-enhancing, I grew tired of living through harsh winters. So, I decided to move south. I have come to realize that my clinical skills would be most valuably spent by giving what I have acquired to the community in this bucolic town of Greenville, South Carolina. 

Peter Longstreet, MD



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